What’s Peter Answers?

Peter pretends to be a lost soul that answers any question he is asked, similar to the Ouija Game.
The Trick Play Peter Answers

Our friends will be astonished when Peter answers to them what kind of clothes are they wearing, what they are holding in their hands or any personal question they want to ask.

Virtual Tarot - Accurate answers

This program surprises even the most skeptics and makes them find weird explanations.

Even the less superstitious persons will be frozen when Peter answers all of their questions.

It’s just a game...

Peter Answers is a joke that you can do to others, as if it were a magic trick. It’s useless to play it alone, because in order to make it answer, we need to know a trick.

Da secret!

So... how is it possible for this program to answer accurately to any question we make to it? Ok, let’s see the trick...